We’re not going anywhere.

With the world being such a testing place at this moment of time, we wanted to let you know that Krystal Haus is doing everything to keep safe, as well as provide that little bit of sparkle for our amazing customers.

Like everyone else we have not been immune to the disruption caused by Covid-19, but we at Krystal Haus are doing our utmost best to make sure customers are minimally affected, if not at all. Our distribution centres are fully operational and staff are adhering to all government guidelines. Social distancing measures are being respected, masks are being worn and where staff can work from home, they are doing so. Making sure you are still being offered that 5 star service we know our customers have grown accustomed to.

We understand that so many other things are at a higher priority right now. But who said staying at home had to mean you don’t look and feel like a million dollars? The essence of Krystal Haus jewellery is to empower and promote a sense of effortless beauty at an affordable price. 

Just like our rings, we’ll always be on hand to help. Look after yourself, your loved ones and stay safe always.

The Krystal Haus Family.